Our Vision

Supporting women’s cooperatives, we seek to identify and give preference to the vulnerable and excluded in their communities to emphasize solidarity and a just world. We take action that promotes and helps better the quality of life for those members of the groups and the surrounding community socially, environmentally, and spiritually. 

  1. To boost the social and economic condition of women in the cooperative through self-managed work in the creation of artisan goods for the improvement of the individual and the collective good of the cooperative.
  2. To provide comprehensive and continuous training of members so that they take a more active role in the cooperative and the community.
  3. To encourage and train the members in a healthy lifestyle for personal benefit and for their families so that they act as promoters of integral health and community service.
  4. To continue reinvesting after costs are covered to our women so that more children may attend school and find food and shelter where they do not have it.